May 20, 2024


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How to Get Real Instagram Followers?

Getting real instagram followers is a common milestone for all Instagram accounts who want to make it big. Especially Instagram influencers and business accounts need these types of followers to keep growing their influence or business.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of buying Instagram followers as these bought followers are either ghost followers or bots. To increase one’s influence, one requires real instagram followers. Here are some tips on how one can gain or increase one real instagram followers:

  • Being active is crucial:

No one is going to follow an account that isn’t active. To gain real instagram followers, one must be active.

Keep on posting content, engage with the audience, replying to their comments, answer their DMs, and like their pics as well.

  • Don’t follow to get follow back:

Stop following other people to gain their follow back. It indicates the sign of one’s content isn’t of high quality. 

The real instagram followerswill follow the account on their own accord. Therefore one must fully focus on creating high-quality content rather than playing follow and follow back.

  • Experiment with the content:

If one is posting content for a long time and seeing no results, it might be time to change the way one presents it. 

Try to experiment which the content, add colors that suit the niche, and keep on playing with it till people start to notice it.

  • Make honest and authentic content:

Do not post any irrelevant content. Real instagram followers are gained through authentic content. Keep the posts related to the particular niche, and don’t spread hate. Don’t be fake and show honest views and thoughts without being offensive.

  • Go with the flow:

Going with the flow is one of the hardest things an Instagrammer has to do. Whenever the real instagram followers start to roll in, people tend to slack off. 

It makes them lazy, and these followers unfollow in no time. Therefore it is advisable to keep on posting regularly without any delays.

  • Be right on time:

Don’t forget to make a schedule to post the content. People will start to expect one’s post in that particular time frame. 

This makes people more eager on what will be the next post and they purposely wait for it to be uploaded.

  • Keep an eye on top influencers:

There will be others who are dominating the particular niche one is also creating content on. There is no problem with that. In fact, one must follow the top influencers and learn from them and observe how they post. 

The main goal is to learn from them and create one’s unique style, therefore do not copy their content it won’t end well.

  • Promote on other social media:

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform. If one is having problems with gaining real instagram followers, they can try to promote their Instagram account on other social media. 

Everyone is on Instagram. Therefore, whenever one likes any particular piece of one’s content, they wouldn’t mind going over to Instagram to follow the account.