June 15, 2024


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Some different types of SEO audit

Suppose you are thinking of ranking your website with a particular keyword then the first thing you should consider is what is ranking currently and some other detail about that ranking content. It will help you in ranking your website with the mentioned keyword. This is the primary reason why the SERP analytical procedure is being used by most people. SERP is also known as search engine results pages.

The most prominent factor you should keep in mind before performing the procedure is that the algorithm of Google changes 9 to 10 times in a single day, leading to a massive variation in the results. You need to prepare a proper strategy or plan to help you always remain at the top of these changing results and for this the need of using google keyword planner tool free become prominent. SEO or SERP service is used for ranking website for the particular keyword which had been used in the content.

There are numerous types of SEO audit or services available on the internet, and you can choose any of them based on your requirements. In simple words, SERP is a kind of online keyword rank checker that can help you get information about your website.Below mentioned are some different types of SEO audit which you can use for checking and analyzing the rank of your website.

  1. On-page audit

The on-page audit is the most popular and dedicated type of SEO audit in comparison to any other type of audit. There are a ton of feature which are being offered by this type of audit, but the most vital feature is that it includes content and optimization of keywords in every web page. The one and significant factor which you should always consider that writing content with related and proper keywords and to find out the right keywords just opt for free keyword planner. On the page, the site will also help you in choosing the content by mentioned some crucial factors like engagement and many more. So, you should use a page audit before choosing content or a topic for your website.


  1. Competitor’s website audit

It is a kind of technique or service that can help you in comparing your content with the content of your competitor’s website. They will also suggest you some changes on the basis of that particular comparison. By applying all those changes, you can easily gain a better rank in the keyword position checker. It will lead to identifying every tiny mistake, which will help you in becoming better. Improving all these small mistakes will help you in improving your rank too.

  1. Technical audit

It is a fact that search engines are mostly preferred only those websites to be on the top, which is technically perfect because they will never arise a problem in serving their audience. The technical audit will help you maintaining stability in your website and content, which leads to an increase in the rank of your website in SERP. Some crucial factors which are being examined by the technical site are indexing, mobile-friendliness, loading speed, the architecture of the website, security, and many more. These factors will help you in increasing traffic to your website.