February 25, 2024


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Korean Menu: Traditional Korean Dishes

Korean cuisine or Korean menu (เมนู เกาหลี which is the term in Thai), especially from the south, is highly sought after in East Asia. Several restaurants around the world have also prepared their food with characteristic ingredients and peculiar flavors. Discover some typical dishes of Korean cuisine:


It is a traditional dish present in many Korean meals. It is usually made with chard, pepper paste, ginger, garlic, and other spices. But it can have variations, such as sugar, vegetables, fish sauce, and shrimp.


It is the most traditional way of preparing Korean beef. The meat is cut into fine pieces in the recipe to be marinated in ginger, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and other typical spices and then grilled at a high temperature to get a smoky flavor.


Traditional recipe whose main ingredient is rice. It is a soup made with cylindrical rice balls, anchovies, pepper, boiled eggs, and chives.


Very similar to sushi, gimbap is the Korean version of the Japanese-origin dish. The rice ball is wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with carrots, cucumbers, meat, and eggs.

Dol Sot Bim Bap

Traditional and simple dish. Korean risotto is prepared with cooked oriental rice, braised ground beef, onions, and vegetables such as eggplant, chayote, bean sprouts, turnip, and zucchini.


It is a typical dessert made with peppered pears in a ginger and honey sauce. It is usually served chilled.


Typical dessert whose dough refers to pancakes. It has several versions, but the traditional one is filled with honey, sugar, cinnamon, and peanuts. The version filled with dried fruit is also well known. These are just a few traditional Korean dishes. As we have seen, Korean cuisine has a great variety and richness of flavors. Many other dishes are not listed here, but they are well worth knowing. Tell us what you found most interesting or maybe a curiosity that we didn’t talk about here.