June 15, 2024


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Huasheng Capital 証卷行 Makes Stock Exchange Easier

Always examine and fully comprehend the guideline before utilizing Huasheng’s 証卷行 facilities, and only use the related goods or providers after verifying your complete awareness and agreement. You have completely acknowledged and accepted this rule when you begin utilizing its services. If their goods or products are included in the goods or activities of our connected firms, but there is nothing separate protection policy in place, this statement pertains to that portion of the goods or operations.

This rule refers to all Huasheng Unit 証卷行 operations that you access via Huasheng Company’s webpages, computer engine software, WeChat authorized profiles, apps, and microprograms.  Nevertheless, several companies have tailored their confidentiality implied warranties to meet their requirements. Kindly consult the relevant data provisions if there is some conflict within this guideline and the security provisions of particular activities. You may approach management by emailing if you possess any concerns, complaints, or ideas about the material of this agreement. If you are still dissatisfied with their solution, particularly if the private data handling practices have affected your legal claims and objectives, you may seek redress using the different methods.

They might gather private data from you whenever you utilize their websites. The following are the set’s aim, methodology, and extent:

  • They would gather your cellphone information when you join for them using your smartphone number and confirmation password. Smartphone numbers are highly critical data, and they are gathered to comply with pertinent rules and policies’ networking true service criteria.
  • They would receive the third-party identity you employed while signing in using the final clearance system when you sign into the Huasheng. The multiple users’ pictures and surnames, and submit these details to their file system. Your login profile will be managed using this data. They would not share the aforementioned data with the external public or employ it for reasons besides this functionality until you opt or conform with applicable rules and restrictions.
  • If you want to utilize the “image” technique when using their personalized avatar modification functionality and the public publishing event, columns, image, and live stream ability, you must activate the phone’s picture authorization feature. You must activate the device’s memory access function before using the “choose from the record” technique. Whenever you want to store important photographs from them to an album, you must also enable the phone’s memory permissions. Since storage is required to perform this feature, your submitted photographs and video material would be recorded and kept on the system.
  • When you utilize their market data program’s reminders or significant occasion preview functions, you must first grant the phone’s calendar access to receive timely data. You would not be allowed to use the recall feature if you don’t accept to activate it, but this would not affect your usage of any other features.
  • You must give biometric data to validate your identification when you opt to employ your fingerprints to access and login to the stockbroker activity site and utilize the transfer service.