December 9, 2023


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Makeup Brush Organizer: The Best Way ToKeep Your Brushes Clean And Organized

Keeping your make-up brushes organized can be a real challenge. You want to be able to easily access your brushes when you need them, but you don’t want to spend all day cleaning up brush clogs. Enter the makeup brush organizer! These storage solutions are becoming more and more popular as people realize how helpful these simple contraptions can be. 


When you think about it, make-up brushes are probably one of the most cluttered brushes you have. Every color, shape and size of brush you can think of is placed in some type of order. And that’s just the beginning. How many different sizes of brushes do you have? Do you even know where they are? It can be very difficult to keep track of all of these brushes at any given moment. 


Buy The Right Tools


The first and most important thing you need to do is to buy the right tools for the job. When you’re working with brushes, you don’t want to be using the wrong tools. Make sure you have the right size brush for your application, a brush cleaner for when your brushes get out of control, and a brush straighter for tight-angle work. 


There are so many different types of brushes out there, and the only way to be sure you’re picking out the right ones is to use them. Luckily, some brushes can tell you exactly what type of brush you have in real-time.


Makeup Brush Organizer Basics


When it comes to makeup brush organizer, a few basic steps will help make your life a lot easier. It’s important to note that the organizer itself will not make your brushes clean. The best way to clean your brushes is to use a brush cleaner. These are small items that can help you clean your brushes more efficiently. If you want to clean your brushes regularly, you should also invest in a brush cleaner. 


Small brushes should be cleaned with a sterilized brush cleaner, while larger brushes should be cleaned with a non-sterilized brush cleaner.


Clear Up With A Sponge


Sponges are fantastic when it comes to two things. One, they are super user-friendly. You can either hold the sponge tight in one hand or place it in a toiletries bag when you’re done. The other thing sponges do is remove excess oil and makeup from your brushes. 


The sponge is especially useful when your brushes are used regularly. When you first get your organizer, you want to make sure to give your sponges a workout. If they aren’t being used, give them a rest.


Rotate Your Brushes Regularly


When it comes to brushing your teeth or flossing, you all know that it is essential to do it twice a day. However, for make-up brushes, you don’t have to floss or brush your teeth the same way every time. You can easily change up your brushing routine and save yourself from gizmos and grooves that have led to hundreds of brushes being clogged up over the years. 


When you change up your brushing routine, you are effectively rotating your brushes and keeping them from getting out of control. Make sure to rotate your brushes at least every two weeks. If you’re not rotating your brushes, you’re effectively leaving your brushes lying around collecting excess oil and dirt.