June 15, 2024


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Record Label Submissions – How to Submit Your Demos to Record Labels

There are several ways to approach record label submissions. While a well-written cover letter is essential, a short, brevity-filled paragraph is also effective. Try to include quotes from media outlets and other artists. You may also want to share a fact or two about your career and why you’re the best candidate for a record label. Labels aren’t looking for a press release–they’re looking for a brief paragraph that summarizes your music and career.

The staff of Record Label Submissions has built up connections with major record labels and A&R’s, so your submission will stand out. Many artists have signed seven-figure deals with the company, thanks to this service. They also place records with many artists. Regardless of the format, they’ll be able to help you get your music heard. A great way to increase your chances of getting noticed is to send in your demos and other recordings to record labels.

While you should submit your demos to large labels, don’t forget about smaller, independent labels. Smaller labels are often more open to a rapper’s style and worldview. They might even be more supportive of the artist’s music, and might be a better match for his or her fan base. In short, it’s a matter of establishing a relationship with the right label. So, what are the best ways to submit your demos to record labels?

Regardless of what form your submission takes, you should follow all of the guidelines in your submission. First of all, it’s crucial to thoroughly research other artists and their record labels. You want to be considered as a high-quality artist, so consider the label’s taste in music before submitting your demos to them. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of securing a major deal. There are three main ways to submit music to a record label.

Secondly, try to get in touch with the right person. If you can’t find the person you’re looking for on the label’s website, try searching through social media for their email address. Ask a friend or family member who knows the label’s A&R and introduce yourself. Personal connections are always beneficial when it comes to submitting a demo. In smaller labels, there’s often just one email address and no social media presence.

Third, try to use the name of the person who’s handling the submission. Many labels prefer bands they know or hear about from others. If you’ve got a relationship with someone who works at a label, you may want to mention this connection in your submission. In addition, reach out to other artists you know who can recommend you to the label. So, these tips will help you stand out amongst the rest. You’ll get the response you’ve been looking for.

Finally, it’s important to understand the preferred approach for record labels. Every label has a preferred way to accept new artists, so do your research and prove to them why you’re the best candidate for that label. The more research you do beforehand, the better your chances of being accepted. With time, it will pay off. With persistence, you’ll eventually find the label you’re looking for! Take the time to learn more about labels and their processes, and you’ll have an impressive PR database to draw from.