June 15, 2024


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Who Can Wear Boob Pasties

If you’ve never worn pasties before, it can be a little intimidating. What’s the point of them? Why do I need to wear them? How do I get them to stay on my body for more than five seconds? Well, first off: Don’t worry! I’m here to help with all your questions about boob pasties and more. Second off: Pasties are super easy to use once you learn how. Third off: They’re great for so many things! Finally, let me just repeat that last sentence because it’s so important: Pasties are great for so many things!


You don’t have to be a woman. You don’t have to have boobs. You don’t even have to like boobs! In fact, I’ve seen women who do not like boobs wear  pasties, and they still look great!

You also don’t need any particular reason for wearing them (though there are many valid ones). If you’re comfortable with your body and feel good about how it looks in clothes, then keeping on your bra isn’t going to make you any more comfortable than taking it off will make someone else feel uncomfortable around you. And if someone does get uncomfortable because of the way your chest looks without a bra on? Well, those are their issues—not yours!”

Breast cancer survivors.

Pasties are also worn by breast cancer survivors, who may have nipple tattoos or scars from their surgery. These accessories allow those women to feel confident about exposing their chests in public, even if they’d rather not show off the rest of their bodies.

Tops with cutouts.

If you’re looking for one of the most versatile options, tops with cutouts are your best bet. You can wear them with or without pasties, depending on how much coverage and support you want (and whether or not you’re wearing a bra). They’ll also work as a base layer under any top that doesn’t have straps.

For example:

  • A halter top+boob pasties is an easy combination that works well because the neckline is high enough to cover any visible flesh. It also looks great with low-cut jeans or shorts!
  • A crop top+boob pasties means unlimited access in all directions—front, side, back. Just make sure that it’s tight enough so there isn’t too much room between your chest and the fabric of your shirt (or else things will slip out).

People who want to free the nipple but also want to be legal.

If you’re going to a country where it’s the law to be topless, go ahead and wear your pasties. You’ll still be legally in the clear because your top is showing.

If you’re going somewhere where it’s illegal for women to go topless, then you might want to leave the pasties at home. That way, if someone tries arresting you for being “topless,” they won’t see those nipple tassels on your breasts. This way, when they look down and see that there are no nipples visible (because of the pasties), they won’t be able to arrest or fine anyone—because there really isn’t anything illegal about what’s happening!