June 13, 2024


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Practical Information you must know about period undies

One of the monthly problems of women is how to deal with the effects of the menstrual period. They have to endure body pain and mood swings for around 3-7 days. The irritation brought by hygienic products and uncomfortable underwear also adds up to the annoyance they feel during difficult times of the month. They also add up to the wastes products in the environment. Fortunately, various eco-friendly products have been introduced in the modern era.

The creation of menstrual underwear is innovative and beneficial to both mankind and the environment. It has a lot of advantages for the ladies. It is the solution for the awkward leakage on the undergarments and to free their skin from irritableness. It is reusable so people don’t need to throw it, they can wash it instead. It cost around $15 to more than $40 per piece depending on its quality.

Using this kind of panty can let a woman move freely even if she is experiencing a heavy flow. The use of sanitary pads or tampons is still not enough since it can cause leakage that is very problematic among women. By using period undies, you don’t have to worry anymore since it is very comfortable and affordable as well. It is also easy to find nowadays since there is a wide range of options in the shopping malls also on online shopping stores.

Some facts about period undies that you must know:

  • Fresh and dry – most menstrual underwear is made of lightweight and breathable materials so you will fresh even if you are wearing sanitary pads. It can also easily dry for a few minutes under the sun. Do not dry it on a clothes dryer so that the quality will not be compromised.
  • Built-in protection – it has smooth protection so it will not damage the surface of the skin when you wear it. It doesn’t leave unnecessary marks on the groin and buttocks.
  • Absorbent – it absorbs every liquid so leakage will not be a problem anymore. Any leaks from the pads will be absorbed by the period undies so they will not be transferred to your clothes, bed sheets, or seats.
  • Easy to wash – because of its stretchy-fit cotton materials, it is easier to remove stains since the stain will not retain on the fabric. It is also not advisable to soak in soap or bleach because it will fade and the fabric will easily be torn off.
  • Variations and Sizes – companies that sell menstrual underwear offers various attractive patterns and design that you can choose from. It also comes in various sizes, so whatever size you need you can easily find it. Make sure to select the perfect fit so that you can move freely and comfortably.
  • Eco-friendly – these kinds of underwear are washable and not disposable so you can be comfortable while protecting the environment. Some menstrual underwear is made of organic materials so it is safe to you and to the surroundings as well.