June 15, 2024


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Curiosity To Know, What Is My IQ?

An IQ test assesses a range of cognitive abilities and gives a score that is considered as an index of an individual’s intellectual abilities and potential. The acronym IQ stands for Intelligence quotient. As it is a quotient, it is obtained by dividing the mental age by the chronological age. The question ‘What is my IQ quotient?’ goes through a person some time or the other in his life. These tests evaluate mathematical skills, memory, perception, and language abilities. They also check on the ability to solve problems and retain information.

A brief knowledge of IQ: 

  • IQ is an approximate number and cannot be precise like distance, currency, and weight.
  • Several factors determine the IQ such as nutrition, socio-economic conditions, and sometimes even geographical locations.
  • IQ varies with age in randomness as the peak of intelligence has remained elusive for researchers.
  • IQ is the reasoning ability of a person. And tells how well you process information, use the information and answer some logical questions.
  • Now, additional tests are included to assess IQ. This is to assess short and long-term memory. These tests evaluate a person’s ability to solve puzzles and how quickly they can recall information they have heard.
  • Learning music in childhood has influenced IQ.
  • The average IQ is 100, anything about that you are very smart and anything less than 100, you are not so smart.

Is there a difference between IQ and intelligence?

Intelligence is a broad term that includes the entire stature of a person’s mind. The ability to think, solve problems, make the right decisions, know to speak different languages, and of course to study. It depicts a person’s personality, performance, and wisdom. Various tests are needed to estimate the intelligence quotient of a person. It is not an approximate estimation and can fluctuate by several factors.

I am curious- What is my IQ?

Many of Us are curious to know our IQ, how we stand on a measurement scale. We benefit from IQ tests, but life skills such as decisions making, handling crises, curiosity, and being a cool head are more important for everyday life. Finally, life is not about what happens to you but how you choose to handle the situation and come out of it. Your IQ is a measure of some of your cognitive skills but it does not completely define you. A good IQ makes you happy and confident. However, a less-than-average score just tells you to improve your focus. Your mind is an ocean and your IQ tests a part of it – a very important part.

Go ahead and test your IQ, it is something everyone should do as it doesn’t hurt you. It gives a lot of happiness when you realize your IQ is good. If your IQ is in the top 2% you may register with High IQ society. But of course, you have to give another test before being accepted in society. 

IQ for Fun, Testing for Fun; it is part of what you are.