June 15, 2024


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The Life Office Management Association – What Is It, and Why Should I Care?

Are you looking to take your career in life insurance management to the next level? Then the Life Office Management Association (LOMA) is for you. LOMA is an international organization that provides members with a variety of resources and services to help advance their careers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, there are many benefits to becoming a member of LOMA.

Professional Development Opportunities

One of the main benefits of joining LOMA is access to numerous professional development opportunities. From special interest groups and webinars, to podcasts and conferences, there is something available for every career level. The association also offers certifications tests and continuing education credits which are necessary for many life insurance professionals. 

LOMA is a great association to join because it provides so many different professional development opportunities. There are a wide range of special interest groups, webinars, podcasts, and conferences available to assist members at every career level. Members can also earn certifications through LOMA and earn credits for continuing education courses as well. Whether you are just starting your career in life insurance or you are a seasoned professional, LOMA can help you advance your career. Join today and start benefiting from all that this professional association has to offer!

In addition, members gain access to exclusive job postings on LOMA’s online job board. Employers often post jobs that are only available to LOMA members, so having access to these postings can give you an edge over other candidates when applying for open positions.  Lastly, many members use the association’s networking events as a way to make valuable connections within their industry that could lead to potential job opportunities in the future.

Accessible Resources & Tools

Another benefit of being part of LOMA is having access to its wide range of resources and tools that can help make life easier for life insurance professionals. Members have access to various publications such as newsletters, reports, and white papers on topics related to their field which can help them stay informed about current trends in the industry. In addition, they have access to industry-specific blogs where they can engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow professionals from around the world.  Last but not least, there are also free webinars available which provide valuable insight into different aspects of life insurance management such as underwriting guidelines or sales strategies. 

Affordable Membership Fees

The cost of membership depends on your profession and experience level; however all fees are very affordable compared to other professional associations in similar fields – making it easy for any budget-conscious individual or company owner/manager who wants join LOMA without breaking their bank account. Furthermore, those who join early may be eligible for discounts or promotional offers – so don’t miss out!

Conclusion: By joining the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), you will enjoy a multitude of benefits such as professional development opportunities, accessible resources & tools, and affordable membership fees – all designed with one goal in mind: helping you succeed at every level by maximizing your potential as a life insurance manager. So don’t wait another minute – join now! And start taking advantage of everything this amazing organization has to offer!