June 15, 2024


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The Path to Homeownership: Common Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

For many Americans, buying their first home is a long-held dream and major accomplishment in life. However, the road to homeownership often involves challenging obstacles from saving for a down payment to finding the right property. With proper preparation and persistence, future homeowners can clear those hurdles on the path to finally owning their own place.

Limited Savings for Down Payment

The biggest roadblock for many is lacking the savings to make a sufficient down payment along with covering closing costs. Down payments on a typical first home range from 3% to 20% of the purchase price. The people at Mortgage Maestro, based out of Denver say that you can creatively overcome this hurdle by saving regularly over time, earning supplemental income, cutting unnecessary costs, receiving family gifts, applying for down payment assistance grants, or using low down payment mortgage options through an USDHA, VA, or FHA home loan.

High Debt or Credit Score Issues

Carrying excessive debt from student loans, credit cards or personal loans can negatively impact your debt-to-income ratios required for approval on a decent home mortgage. Create a plan to pay down balances, consolidate debt at a lower rate, or boost your income. Dispute any credit report errors hurting your score. Demonstrate responsible use of credit cards and loans to rebuild your score. debt counselors or non-profit agencies can provide guidance.

Competing in Tight Markets

Low inventory, high demand and bidding wars make securing a home difficult in many metro markets. Gain advantages by getting pre-approved early and making aggressive offers at or above asking prices when you find the right home. Work with an experienced agent knowledgeable about the local market conditions.

Affording Monthly Payments

Even with a small down payment, monthly mortgage bills, property taxes, utilities and maintenance can stretch budgets, especially rising rates. Look for lower-priced starter homes that still meet your space needs. Comparison shop multiple lender rates for the best home loan terms. Consider down payment assistance programs or grants to make payments more manageable. Choose adjustable rate mortgages if eligible to lower initial costs.

Lacking Time for the Search

Hunting for your first home takes many hours touring open houses on weekends, reviewing listings online, meeting agents and lenders after work, and traveling to closing appointments. Schedule search tasks efficiently, take time off work when needed, share responsibilities with family, and tap networks to find “off market” homes for sale by owner.

Overwhelmed by the Process

From financing to inspections to title work, first-timers often feel overwhelmed navigating the many complex steps in buying a home. Connect early on with a real estate agent, loan officer and attorney who can guide you through each phase, provide checklists and introduce you to their networks of reliable inspectors, appraisers, contractors and more.

Getting Outbid Repeatedly

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your dream home only to get outbid by investors or buyers with bigger budgets. Don’t get discouraged. Ask your real estate agent for advice on crafting more appealing offers by minimizing contingencies, escalating bids, or sweetening the deal with a bigger earnest money deposit or shorter closing timeframe. Focus your search on homes slightly below your top budget to gain a competitive edge.


The path to homeownership is full of challenges, but know that none of these are insurmountable. Adjust your savings plan, manage debt wisely, partner with trusted advisors, and remain persistent in your search. With some preparation and lots of patience, future buyers can clear all the hurdles that block their path to owning their first home. Imagine that sense of pride and achievement when the keys are finally in your hands.